When dealing with clients we carry out an avant-garde working philosophy, based on a solid, lively and personalized model. We work according to a principle that can be summed up as the concept of immersion, which consists on listening carefully to the Client and dive into the reality of his specific market in an organized and systematic way.

Ivan Pinheiro & Associados - philosophy PRINCIPLE OF IMMERSION


  • To be aware of the Client’s reality and goals
  • To understand everyday activity of the company and of its competitors
  • To study the specificity of the product/service
  • To analyze market and distribution features
  • To follow its consumers/clients behavioural profile
  • To suggest, and to put into practice, creative, original and effective solutions
  • To evaluate the outcome of the developed strategies and actions

IPA is a company that provides marketing ideas and services.

We are the result of the association between people

with international skills and young creative talents.