Conception Lagosta
The Client sent us a briefing so that we could create a new bottle and a new label for the iconic wine Lagosta. We developed a study for a new bottle’s portfolio and suggested a launching campaign involving an online communication plan combined with a number of promotional activities.
Devotion Rebuçados
The fact that the candies are still produced in the monastery kitchen is the main distinctive characteristic of the product. The target of the campaign was to bring the brand closer to catholic values and their most important icons. Distribution, Press and Point of Sale were the actions our Agency suggested.
Trip Team
Every year the Client’s sales team and distributors meet to evaluate the results of the past year, to receive rewards, and to establish next year’s goals. Our Agency’s task it to create the concept and develop the communication pieces for these events. These trips are essential for the relational process between the company and its customers.
Proposal Vector Mais
Vector Mais invited us to participate in a competition to choose the campaign to celebrate their 15th anniversary. Our Agency suggested that the focus should be on the popularity of the clients served by Vector Mais. Press, Internet, publicity and events were the means we used. The Client congratulated us on our team’s performance.
Solution Bussaco
The annual occupancy rates of Bussaco Hotel reflected seasonality factors. The campaign was conceived in order to increase low season bookings. To achieve this, many promotional actions directed to specific targets were undertaken, and the annual occupancy rate of Bussaco Palace almost reached 90 per cent. Some of these actions, like Bussaco Golf Challenge, for instance, became a Bussaco Classic.
Refurbishment Dom Carlos Hotel
The purpose was to create a single brand name for all the units of this hotel chain, and to make a complete remodeling. This new brand name should apply to Dom Carlos, President and Chiado Residence hotels. The job included refurbishment works of the units and the creation of all the communication pieces.
Impact Amicote
The Client wanted a campaign to announce the characteristics and advantages of the product, and also asked us to develop a concept with impact and originality. The Client congratulated us on our Agency’s work and had our ads framed and exhibited on the Marketing Department walls. We felt very proud!
Originality Deliko
The business needed to create, right from the beginning, a strong brand of premium price fruits, targeted to high class consumers with high purchasing power. According to the briefing, emphasis should be given to a certain range of fruits from different countries. The suggested design included pixelated images to define the identity of this new brand.
Packages Pecol
Our job was the complete renewal of the company’s packages portfolio. 190 new packages were created for the four product lines. We created more than 450 pedagogic illustrations, previously subjected to immediate comprehension tests. Today, Pecol packages are a benchmark reference used by the majority of the market competitors.
Innovation Evolution
Launching of a block of flats in Alto do Lumiar, one of the places where the housing offer is larger in Lisbon. Our suggestion was to create a distinctive feature incorporating home automation and new eco-friendly/sustainable housing technologies. The apartments were sold within 120 days.
Association Dermofix
The Client asked us to renew the image of Dermofix, the leader product for one decade in the dermatology segment. Our suggestion was to associate the product with the freshness of in season fruits. The campaign took place in the press, with materials for points of sale and gadgets to support the medical sales representatives.
Internationalization Laso
To celebrate the company’s 8th anniversary, the Client asked us to develop a website focused on the internationalization of the business. The final product was a piece in five languages with technological potentialities in the avant-garde of innovation. For the website release we suggested a campaign of online advertisements. Visit the website and notice the details of the pictures created by our designers.
Suggestion Habitare
The original project of this 8 acre housing estate offered no special appealingness. After a rigorous evaluation of the situation, our suggestion was to change the product concept, to reformulate the architecture, to reduce the areas, to create a Club House and to increase the number of units from 33 to 50. More houses, different, and more modern and accessible. The target market was widened as well as the margins per square meter.
Training Cecoa
Cecoa – Centro de Formação Profissional para o Comércio e Afins (Vocational Training Centre for Commerce and Services) has been active for more than 30 years. Our job consists in creating and producing materials to promote the courses offered by the Centre. It is quite a difficult task to work with demanding trainers and teachers.
Simplicity Ratiopharm
A campaign to launch the company in Portugal, including all the pharmaceutical lines of this German brand. Public Relations, Internet, Direct Marketing and Sales Promotion were the fields we covered. The German Marketing Department Management congratulated us on our work.
Adaptation Remicade
It was the most important product of the company all over the world, a true leader and its largest income source. The main goal of the campaign was to present the therapeutic evolution of the product to medical professionals. Fields of action:
Institutional Promotion and Online Communication.
Brand Exceed
The Client asked us to develop a new brand intended to increase the value of the portfolio of products for specific fertilization. After an intensive nominative study, our Agency presented the figurative studies of two conceptual options. One of them was chosen. The Client expressed his gratitude and compliments.
Sophistication Penha Longa
After having bought Penha Longa, Aoki group invited us to develop an international launching campaign. For this project we had to create twenty communication pieces for four groups of different messages. According to the brand’s Manager the result exceeded all expectations.
Irreverence Lapponia
Equipped with state of the art technology, Lapponia House Finland is the world leader in its market sector. We suggested a campaign focused on the location of Lapponia House in Colares, the company’s headquarters in Portugal. The image of a reindeer was chosen for the project. The goal of selling thirty houses in twelve months was doubled. The company showed a growth of 184 per cent in just 18 months.
Passion Subaru
The Japanese company Subaru builds cars with passion. They are our most demanding client. International rules and precision have to be reflected in the communication. Although the sales goals that the brand settles every year are not easy to achieve, nor the relations with the brand international marketing is simple, this is a task that we perform enthusiastically and that represents a rewarding challenge.
Swiftness Refrige
Speed in creation and in quality production at low cost are the main requirements that the Client wants when he evaluates the agencies he works with. One has to do it yesterday! The Client demands swiftness, high creativity, perfection and, above all, unbeatable prices.

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